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Everybody enjoys a dance even if some of us might have two left feet. The growing popularity of the Television programs, "Dancing with the Stars", has highlighted all the forms of dance and is encouraging all ages to pick up the courage and get on the dance floor. Films such as "Dirty Dancing(Letters on Bailies Bits TV and Film folder) are now everlasting must see movies with enthusiasts watching the movie over and over.

IncrediMail users will enjoy using these email stationery letters with their fellow users who also enjoy the many delights of dancing.

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Dance in the Old Fashioned Way Waltz Pasodoble
Rock n Roll Tango Ballet
Bolero Tango Border


I have received emails from regular visitors asking me to provide a facility on my site to enable them to make donations. Although I have never asked for any payment for these free graphics I decided to make it possible for anyone who wished to show their apprection in this way.

Thanks for any donations made and if you like my letters etc please do not feel obliged to donate. I am happy that you chose to use my letters.